Hi, my name is Charlie Kohlmeier.

Otherwise known as charkohl, a graphic designer residing in Portland, Oregon. I love web, UX/UI & interactive design, as well as, branding and creative concepting for advertising campaigns. I grew up the son of a Renaissance man. Since my early days I have been fascinated with designing, creating and making. My favorite projects as a young lad included building rubber band guns, wooden swords and tree forts. I began my education hoping to become an architect, later, I switched my focus to civil engineering, and finally I landed in graphic design, a curriculum that I became extremely passionate of. I hope to one day design a product and take it to market. I also wish to travel to all 7 continentsĀ­ (I have 4 under my belt already), climb Denali and take a Heli trip in Alaska with Travis Rice. When I am not having a blast creating things I tend to find myself out enjoying the beautiful scenery that Oregon has to offer, or kicking some butt on the pool table at the local dive.

I am available for freelance work, rounds of disc golf, beers, and potlucks. Thanks for stopping in!


  • I have a ridiculous collection of board games.
  • I learned how to make Miso soup in a small village in Japan.
  • My cookware is exclusively cast iron.
  • Resident Evil is my jam, and I have beaten every release.
  • Long ago, I was involved in TPing a house with over 300 rolls.
  • I have tried over 200 different India Pale Ales.
  • I climbed the tallest peak in Slovenia wearing Nike Flyknits.


and talk about making some awesome stuff together.